Wanna Try a Passive Income Website to Lower Your Taxes Next Year?

We Create Home Based Business Startup Websites That Qualify for Legal Tax Write Offs


Tax Preperation

Contact Us Now at Taxes Will Travel dot Com. We use a combination of email or fax and a secure encrypted tax platform to help you prepare your taxes. We do the work, you download the tax return and mail to the IRS. We are registered with the IRS for 17 years.

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Legally Reduce Your Taxes, Grow Your Assets

If you continue to owe the IRS year after year, tax planning is the next logical step. You can purchase a primary home, a rental property or implement a home-based business. These are the top three ways to legally reduce your taxes. We create home-based business startup websites that qualify for legal tax write-offs

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How to Start Your Own Tax Service

Learn how to start a successful tax business for part-time or full-time income. Online eCourse using the Udemy platform.


Startup Websites begin at $24.95 when hosting is left in place.  To duplicate a successful blog,  4 pages is $99 and $150 for 12 page eCommerce sites.  We do NOT copy content or images, only the business model.   This is one of the best ways to ensure you are embarking on a successful niche. Coming soon, an eBook detailing 100 Successful websites that earn $500 and more each month.  How the owners get traffic and how you can do the same for a lot less. 

We're all about passive income with legal tax benefits and tax writeoffs for the middle income tax payer.