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    100 Tax Write Offs for Home Based Businesses, Save Thousands in Taxes. Lower your taxes by starting a Home-Based Business

62% of all U.S. tax payers forget or omit legal tax write-offs on their tax returns.  Taxpayers often don’t realize the tax write-offs they’re entitled to.  Others realize the error but don’t always know how to make the consumer tax software work to their advantage, thus they assume they don’t qualify for the write-off.

Understanding tax-writes which can save you hundreds or even thousands in tax liabilities is crucial.  Even tax payers who use tax professionals sometime forget to include the little things, which can add up to big deductions.  Examples: You use your cell phone almost exclusively for your home based-business.  Did you depreciate the cost of the expensive smartphone?   Or worst, you purchase a piece of art for your home-office and didn’t bother to depreciate the art on your tax return.

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