How To Live Tax-Free During Retirement, Legally: For The Everyday Taxpayer

Live Tax Free During Retirment, LegallyAvoiding taxes during retirement is legal, it’s always been legal….. Yet the masses have little knowledge.  That’s because they don’t have a $500 an hour tax attorney.


Retired tax professional lays it on the line for everyone to understand. Money earned in the United States is taxed by the United States regardless of your age. Yet, millions of people legally avoid paying taxes after retiring, because they understand what’s in this book. This book includes information on the new International Banking laws and how the wealthy are responding to the IRS’s reach across boarders.

Legal, correct, easy to understand, the author explains in everyday language how everyday taxpayers can benefit from certain tax loopholes. Is it fair? Probably not, but it’s certainly legal. You be the judge.