Tired of Owing Taxes? Tax Planning for Middle Income Taxpayers

  Tax Planning  

Keep Reading If you Continue to Owe Taxes 

and You’re Not Sure How to Lower Your Taxes, 

Or,  if You Believe Your Last Tax Return Has Errors

The Process is Simple.
1.  Blackout the name, address and SS Number on 
your most recent tax return.
2.   Email a copy of your return to me.
3.  I will provide you with an extensive report on how to 
LEGALLY lower your taxes in the future and save hundreds
to thousands in taxes
It’s Just That Simple – 1040 Tax Returns Only – All States


What’s Included

  • A confidential summary of possible errors on your previous tax return 
  • Details or tax-writeoffs you may have overlooked. 
  • Tax planning recommendations to lower your taxes, next year and long-term  

Who Am I?: 
19 Years Experienced as Tax Professional w/the IRS
Experience:  Instructor for Basic Tax Classes – SF Bay Area 
Department of Treasury ID Available Upon Request
Author of:

100 Tax Loopholes and Tax-Write Offs for 

Home Based Businesses: Save Thousands in Taxes

3.5 stars Amazon

How to Become a Tax Preparer and 

Earn Big Part-Time

4 stars Amazon
Coming Soon:
Tax Avoidance, Because Tax Evasion is Illegal
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